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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu


I require all first-time friends to be verified, without exception.

Screening is required and non-negotiable. I do not meet individuals who wish to remain anonymous. I must be able to verify your name and photo for screening to ensure you are safe to meet privately. All personal information collected is deleted after screening. Booking submissions are encrypted and sent directly to a folder that only I can access. Screening is for ensuring all clients are safe to meet and are not misidentifying themselves. 

Feel free to email your verification info directly if you do not want to use my booking form below.


Screening Methods:

You only need to provide ONE method of screening.

  • ID: When submitting your drivers license/state ID/ or passport, you may black out impertinent info such as address and ID number. Name and birthdate must be included in screening.

  • LinkedIn: Submit the URL for your LinkedIn page. Your profile picture must be set as public, it must show a photo of yourself and not a company logo. New or suspicious LinkedIn accounts will not be accepted.

  •  Verified Sites: P411, TER, PD, TNA or any verified board/site.

  • Professional Website: Your professional/business website must show your name and photo or it can not be used for screening. Submit the URL for the specific webpage that shows the requested information

  • References: If you have seen 3 or more reputable and established providers in the last 6 months.

Please note: You must have at least I will only accept references from verifiable sources such as an established & well known independent provider or escort agency with current reviews & an active website.


Please provide the correct contact number, email address & website for your reference(s) when contacting me.


Be sure to confirm with your references that they are willing to vouch for you prior to providing their contact info.

 Thank you in advance.


Our adventure starts here! 

​Please visit the Etiquette & FAQ pages to ensure that you are properly prepared before our enchanting rendezvous

​If you are thinking of bringing something very special for me during our experience... 

 visit my Spoil Me page.

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